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Emily. 20. Cinephile.

I pass my time rather unproductively with writing, amateur graphic design, reading, and falling in love with books, movies, television shows, and fictional characters.

Currently working on a mirade of Frostiron (Tony/Loki) ideas.

Feel very free to drop a prompt in my ask box, though please do check the prompt list first in the off chance I happen to be working on a similar idea already.


Okay so. Yesterday at around about noon my friend Emily (who lots of people know as starkrevelations, and know through her fanfics) died in ICU from respiratory failure. She hadn’t woken for 5 hours beforehand, went quietly while sleeping, wasn’t aware or in pain, and her mum was with her. I just want to talk about her for a minute, I dunno.

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This is the last post I’m gonna make from Emily’s account, logging out for good after this. Just gonna reblog myself, I don’t really know what else to say, this is just some thoughts about her and what happened. 

Gonna miss you a lot, prettyness.


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#Bye bby
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[not Emily]

Hey everyone, Kae again. I dunno really how to say this so I’m just gonna go ahead and say it; I’ve been told Emily passed away today at 11:53am (almost an hour ago). I’m still pretty upset (shaking and crying as I write this) and I don’t know much yet about what happened, I don’t wanna send her mum too many questions so soon, so that’s all I can say for now. All I know is that something happened last night and she was moved to intensive care, and now this, so yeah…

R.I.P Emily Kingsley, 20 years old and way too young.

I’ll bring news when I have it.


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hey people. I was in bed this morning when Emily text me with her password and asked me to tell you guys that she’s in hospital again (some people mighta saw my post) so I’m only just getting here now. basically she’s in for chest x-rays and blood tests because she said she has a bad cough and she’s dizzy, she couldn’t say much, but she said she promised to tell you guys these things??? so here I am. I’m in touch with her mum now so if she wants me to update you guys in a few days I will.

- Kae 

Tumblr is telling me that there is 1 new post in my URL tag, but not showing it, so apologies if someone out there thinks I’m ignoring them!

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I decided to post a picture of myself here— mostly because I know what many of you look like and because I’m just feeling quite social today, haha. This is quite an old picture, of me on my way home from the hospital a few months ago, during the summer. I look somewhat thinner and unhealthy at the moment so I’m going to avoid posting a recent picture. x]

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alexzoexiaoxiao said: OMG.... I'm sorry but I was quite busy for like a month so I didn't check the dashboard often enough to notice you've recovered! I'm terribly sorry... I was constantly worried about you and now I found it was my own fault that I didn't see you appear...OTL anyway, I am so HAPPY to see you again!!! SO HAPPY that when I saw you in my dashboard I rushed here to send you a message... Oh I wish for every beautiful thing for you in the future because I don't want to see you suffer again.

Haha, thank you so much dear! I missed you dearly! <3 I haven’t been back long— 4 or 5 days, I think? And the recovery is still slow but I’m certainly getting there and I am much better than I was last time we spoke. If you could, would you thank your husband for the kind words he sent my way, also? I’m very sorry I couldn’t respond at the time. <3 

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woodox-earthtaurus said: So I just learned that you share my name, which might I say is an awesome name. And I love your writing just like Felifay does & you both are incredibly talented and you should just ignore stupid people who don't understand what it's like having to deal with RL problems, and I hope you're better or getting better. Keep writing great stuff.

Thank you so very much for the well wishes <3 Feli has done a lot for me over the time I’ve known her, even if it is just little messages when I’m quiet saying that she’s thinking of me, so if I offended one person by making her smile on her birthday, I certainly won’t let it bother me! 

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vikishus said: Thank you so much for the follow! I found you originally through Felifay and omg just thanks!

Haha, you’re welcome dear! <3

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